MySQL Dumper Saves The Day

I have been migrating some websites over to new domains/hosts lately due to some clients site’s getting hit by Google’s latest algorithm changes. One thing I always cross my fingers on is transferring the database over if it is large, as it usually times out even if the sql file (database) is under the allowed upload size or if the server has a limited script execution time. Well, the latest site I was working on was timing out on me and after about 30 minutes trying to wrestle with this site transfer, I decided to hit up Google and look for help. I found some in the form of some excellent free software called MySQL Dumper.

MySQL Dumper saved my ass, by allowing me to ftp the database on to the server and import it in to the new site in less than 10 minutes. I was waiting for something to go wrong but it never did. It just worked and worked well. Apparently this software is going since 2003 so you know it’s going to be robust.

Some features I have personally used and think that rock!

  • Extremely easy installation. Pop in your MySQL credentials and go!
  • It can save multiple backups.
  • It supports multi-backups. By choosing an upload size limit, the software will split the backup into small pieces.
  • Includes the ability to restore a database by a file up-loader or through ftp.
  • SQL browser/editor. This is a handy little tool. Instead of using another app such as phpMyAdmin to edit the database if you need to, MySQL Dumper allows to you to edit right here!

Anywho, this post it just a little thank you to the guys who made MYSQL Dumper and for anyone looking to transfer any large sites, try this baby out (and donate to the project)!

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