Meteor’s Mobile Broadband Rocks!

I moved to Meath last year and when I went to set up my broadband, I found I had a limited choice of providers. I was hoping to sign up with UPC as I was with them before and found them excellent, but I was just outside their catchment area so I had to look elsewhere and I ended up signing with Eircom. I was aware of the various mobile broadband providers at the time such as Meteor and the like but assumed they were a bit of a gimmick and not too great.

So when my contract was up with Eircom and after paying the guts of 50 quid per month for a pretty unremarkable service I went looking for another provider and eventually looked into Meteor‘s Broadband offerings as I am already with them for my mobile phone but to be quite honest, I was not holding my breath.

I ended up purchasing the E3131 HiLink Stick which cost €30 and the comes loaded with €3 credit to test the service out which gives you a day’s worth of light browsing. I found the modem price reasonable and if I wasn’t happy with it, I was told I could return the device within 7 days for a full refund. I also got €20 PAYG credit which gave me a 7.5 gigabyte download allowance over 30 days to really test things out.

I went home, plugged it in and was set up and ready to go within about 2 minutes. I loaded up some websites and was impressed with the speeds I was getting, of about 4Mb, which were basically the same as what Eircom gave me before. The device supports up to 21Mb but you never really get the full speed and especially not with mobile broadband.

After I had my few weeks of testing with the service and used up my allowance, I found myself very happy and researched their bill pay options to see if they had any better value options. They did, and I found the 30 day sim contract option that gives you a whopping 20GB of download usage per month for the exact same price I paid with my original PAYG plan. Back of the net! I did, obviously have to sign a contract, but it’s only 30 days and I can cancel with only a month’s notice. I also had to pay a security deposit of €50, which I’m not too happy about but I’ll get it back I guess so not a big deal.

So, if you are shopping around for broadband, definitely have a look at Meteor’s offers, you’ll save yourself about 20-30 quid a month if you are not downloading massive amounts of crap and if you move around a bit, you can take your laptop and internet with you!

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