Using Jetpack Photon as a CDN

Jetpack LogoWith the ever emerging dominance of mobile users, we should all be trying to make our websites load as quickly as possible. It also does no harm for the average user too and  it’s no secret Google loves fast websites. One of many ways to put a bit of pep into a site is by using a content delivery network  or CDN. A CDN is basically a a system of computers located in different parts of the world that serve content (Images, JavaScript files etc) using the closest computer available to the end user.

A bonus feature is the fact that this will also save you bandwidth because you won’t be using your server to serve the images, but WordPress’s!

There are quite a few of these CDNs available to play with but I want to talk about a free one called Photon. Photon is included in the popular Jetpack bundle and is extremely easy to use. It is worth noting that images Photon will only parse are images in posts/pages/custom post types and featured images.

Once, you have installed Jetpack on your site, you will need to link it to your account to activate the features. Once activated, Photon begins to work at once. That has to be the quickest CDN integration ever! Enjoy.

WordPress Photon CDN

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