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Create Your Own Code Snippets Area

When I redesigned this site, I wanted to include a private code snippets area to better organise myself and because I currently have them all over the place like Snipt, previous projects, some text files, blogs and Google Docs. I suggest every developer create something like this. It really does make ...

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Dreamweaver is not an Amateur’s Tool

When I talk shop with other developers, it is fairly common for the question about what editor we use to pop up. There is always a  mixed reply with answers such as Notepad (hardcore or what!), Notepad++, Coda, TextMate or Dreamweaver for example. When someone mentions Dreamweaver, I tend to hear it ...

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WP Updates Launches

The uber talented Gilbitron has today, opened up WP Updates to the public. WP Updates solves a problem for theme authors by allowing them to give automatic updates to their users. You see, if you create a premium theme and upload it to a marketplace like Theme Forest, when you update the theme, the user ...

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3 Tips for Getting your Theme Accepted into Theme Forest

Let me start by saying I am not an expert on selling WordPress themes and I am actually one of the small fish on Theme Forest but I have a good idea on what will be accepted and what won't when I come across somebody asking for a review before ...

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Angry Missing Stylesheet User

Disclaimer: This one is a bit of a rant as I have just seen yet another buyer on the forums tell us he took 40 minutes to install a theme and still can't get it to work for his um client... Over at Theme Forest, I frequent the forums every so often, ...

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Finally, a Fresh Look!

Three years have past since I last gave the site an update and to be honest, the last design got stale pretty quickly after I launched it. With client work, personal projects and trying to have some sort of life, I just put it on the back-burner until I had some free ...

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