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Here I will be posting news, site launches, tutorials and other bits and bobs. You can subscribe by RSS if you would like to be notified when there is a new blog post.

Dynamically Adding a Post’s Featured Image to Facebook’s Open Graph Meta Data

A recent client project called for Facebook 'like' buttons to be added to each post. An easy request but the client wanted each post and accompanying button to be visible on the home page, archives, search results etc, not just on the actual post page. So, off I went into the Facebook Developers ...

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Mad About Casinos Launch

Another project undertaken for Mad About Media. I was asked to jump in and help redesign and redevelop the site from the ground up after a previous developer let them down. Mad About Casinos is a new quality review site to find online casinos, play slots and get the latest ...

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How I Got My Break, Getting Paid To Do Something I Love

Sitting here all by my lonesome at the airport, i find myself with a bit of time to kill so I thought I would use the time to test out the WordPress iOS app and explain how exactly I got started in this field. Around 2002, I had a massive brainwave. ...

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Free Shwag from Envato!

Just want to say a big thanks to Envato for the package they sent over, all the way from Australia! They included a t-shirt, neck strap and stickers. The stickers are on the laptop, the t-shirt is all nice and comfy and I have to find a use for the neck strap! Thanks ...

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WP Infinite

There is alot of buzz surrounding a new WordPress plugin lately. It is called WP Infinite and aims to take the hassle out of managing multiple WordPress sites from one central location. In this post I download it and give it a whirl and find out what all the fuss ...

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WordPress Feed Page Not Found

You learn something new everyday. I just found out that in order for the feed to be active in your WordPress site, you need to have at least one published post. This made sense years ago as WordPress was originally a blogging platform and posts were usually created instead of ...

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