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Here I will be posting news, site launches, tutorials and other bits and bobs. You can subscribe by RSS if you would like to be notified when there is a new blog post.

Using Jetpack Photon as a CDN

With the ever emerging dominance of mobile users, we should all be trying to make our websites load as quickly as possible. It also does no harm for the average user too and  it's no secret Google loves fast websites. One of many ways to put a bit of pep into a site ...

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Visually Track Your Reading With a Progress Bar

Recently, I had the idea of tracking the progress of the books I'm reading and displaying this in a nice progress bar accompanying the book, so at a glance I can see where I'm at. Just a little bit of fun and it turned out great so I'll share here how ...

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Freebie: Dream Consulting Logo

Here is my first download I am giving away for free. It is a cloud based logo with hills in the centre. It is well balanced and would suit any professional company. I created this in Adobe Illustrator CS5. Enjoy!

jQuery vs Dollar Sign

When developing with JQuery, we have the option of using the standard JQuery function or the short version ($ sign). But which one is better to use? Let's look at some example code. jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(".p.hide").hide() }); What's happening here is, JQuery is ready to be used and abused when the DOM has been fully loaded. We use ...

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WordPress Plugins I Use

One of strengths of WordPress are it's plugins. The ability to add so much functionality into a website from forums, event managers to e-commerce to name but a few in a simple manner  is quite mind boggling. Here are some of the plugins I use fairly regularly. You might find some ...

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MySQL Dumper Saves The Day

I have been migrating some websites over to new domains/hosts lately due to some clients site's getting hit by Google's latest algorithm changes. One thing I always cross my fingers on is transferring the database over if it is large, as it usually times out even if the sql file (database) is under the allowed upload size or ...

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