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How to Create a Category/Sub Category Permalink in WordPress

WordPress doesn't have an obvious way to include sub categories in the permalink structure. Sure, categories are easy enough to include. You just set up permalinks in the settings to include the /%category%/ variable and tick the desired category in your post and it shows up in your address bar. The issue ...

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Track Your Time With Toggl

A Web Developer wears many hats in order to do their job successfully. Programmer, UX, Designer, Database Developer, Coffee Maker, the list goes on but one of the most important aspects of their job is managing their workload. There's no point in being able to craft beautiful code if it takes ...

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Reposition The Ordering Dropdown Menu in Woocommere

I am working my way through Woocommerce for a new theme build and really finding out all about its little quirks. I'm quite impressed so far with everything as the woo theme provide hooks for almost anything. One thing I needed to do was bring the ordering menu from below the page to ...

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Meteor’s Mobile Broadband Rocks!

I moved to Meath last year and when I went to set up my broadband, I found I had a limited choice of providers. I was hoping to sign up with UPC as I was with them before and found them excellent, but I was just outside their catchment area so ...

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Don’t Display Your Google Analytics Code While Logged In

I sometimes find myself developing or adding new features on live sites and these sites nearly always have some tracking software installed such as Google Analytics or Clicky etc. When you develop websites, you find yourself refreshing web pages constantly to see your new changes and this is seen by ...

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Freebie: Cleanism Site Template

Cleanism was the first template I ever uploaded to Themeforest, way back in 2009. It is a HTML and CSS template and includes the original documentation, a PHP contact form and Adobe Fireworks source files. It's a little bit dated now and not doing too well sales-wise so it's time to ...

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