Welcome to Eire Studio. I Design and Develop Websites

Welcome traveller. My name is , I am a freelance designer and developer who mainly develops on the WordPress platform. I create beautiful websites that don't break the bank and I love what I do. If you think I'd be a good choice for your next project, send me an email with your details and we'll go from there.

Previous work I did

I had the pleasure of creating a brand new design for one of Ireland's biggest builders merchants, Heiton Buckley.

The design brief was to create a more welcoming and easy to use website as Grafton Group wanted to focus back to the general public for more sales.

The design was created by Eire Studio and developed by Willows Consulting.

  • Design

    I create beautiful custom designs based on solid business needs, not just to make things look pretty for no reason.

    I mainly design for the web / mobile devices and focus on clean work using grids.

  • Development

    I code in HTML / CSS / JQuery on the front end and use PHP in the back end (yes, not that cool, but it's solid and gets the job done).

    I love neat, organised code and I am always learning.

  • WordPress

    WordPress is an open source, extremelly usable CMS that can give you total control over your website.

    My love affair with WordPress started about four years ago and I instantly fell in love with it.